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Bunkhouse Cabins

Has your group’s sleeping quarters outlived their life expectancy? Do you want to increase your accommodation capacity? Regardless of the situation, Conestoga has the answer.

Conestoga bunkhouse cabins utilize the same pre-engineering processes that ensure a long life in the rigors of day-to-day use while maintaining an attractive log cabin design. Part of the camping experience is the aura that a Conestoga log cabin can create. There's something mystic about venturing from our familiar surroundings of day-to-day life into the experience of bunking in a log cabin.

Conestoga bunkhouse cabins range from single-room structures to multiple-room units that sleep as many as

Multiple Bunkhouses
Multiple Bunkhouses
Multiple Bunkhouses

twenty. Models are available with washbowls and toilets as well as a private counselor area when privacy is desired. Supplied with every cabin is a plumbing component list so items can be purchased locally to save the end-user shipping and crating cost. Optional bunk beds and recommended locations are available.

Do you have any questions regarding Conestoga bunkhouses? If you have any questions, please visit our contact page or call 1.800.914.4606.

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