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Poolhouse Cabins

Want to see how versatile a Conestoga log cabin can be? A poolhouse cabin can be built into the infrastructure of a pool to provide all the amenities of a home. A log cabin is the ideal structure for changing, getting a snack, using the restroom, or taking refuge from the sun.

Imagine how wonderful a Conestoga log cabin would be as a guesthouse. With its character, facilities and privacy, visitors won’t forget their stay at this luxury suite. When the guests are away, you can relish in your haven and won’t have to drive to get there.

When constructing a Conestoga log cabin as a poolhouse, the building process can be simplified. A foundation isn’t required! All you have to do is place cinder blocks on a level area, position the skids and build the cabin. Before you know it the log cabin becomes part of the pool’s infrastructure and the focal point of pool parties and other events.

Pool House Log Cabin
Pool House Log Cabin
Pool House Log Cabin
Pool House Log Cabin

Complement your beautiful pool with a beautiful Conestoga poolhouse cabin. You and your guests may never want to leave. Do you want to learn more about poolhouses as well as other Conestoga log Homes and log Cabins? Please visit the contact us page or contact 1.800.914.4606.

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