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Resort Log Cabins/Camping Cabins

Conestoga’s log cabin kits are ideal for your resort or campground if you continually find yourself having to turn away potential patrons because you need larger accommodations. Or, if you simply want to grow your business while adding intrinsic value to your investment with a log cabin kit turned into the ultimate camping cabin/resort, then Conestoga camping cabins are worthy of investigation!

Resort or camping cabins can’t be overlooked if you want to increase theRental Log Cabin Kits investment in your business. Unlike some other structures, camping cabins cost less to insure and maintain. They also appreciate in value.

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your investment isn’t dwindling away and is ultimately producing dividends in the future?

Also, housekeeping camping cabins are ideal for staff-housing requirements or for customers who want more space and amenities. The range of sizes, combined with sleeping, bathroom and kitchenette facilities (stovetop, sink and cabinets), makes the housekeeping cabin a profitable investment for resorts that need unique housing to attract customers.

What better way to attract potential patrons than the mystique of a log cabin?

Do you want to learn more about Conestoga's log cabins kits for resort or camping cabins? If you would like to discuss camping cabins with a sales representative, please visit our Contact Us page or call 1.800.914.4606.

Rental Log Cabin Kits
Rental Log Cabin Kits
Rental Log Cabin Kits
Rental Log Cabin Kits

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