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What Makes a Conestoga Log Cabins Kit the Absolute Best?

BASE: All Conestoga log cabins sit on pressure-treated 4" x 6" skids to elevate the cabins from direct-ground contact and support the cabin walls. Elevating a cabin using pressure-treated skids prevents direct moisture and ensures decades of protection from the weather elements.

INTERIOR FLOORING: Our log cabin kit floors are made of 2" x 6" tongue-and-groove number-one dense southern yellow pine. Dense southern yellow pine is used because it has closer growth rings than standard southern yellow pine. This results in a more durable floor that will hold up better over time than a standard southern yellow pine or hemlock floor.

PORCH DECKING: The porch decking is made of 2" x 6" pressure-treated southern yellow pine. With a limited-lifetime warranty, the ACQ pressure-treated decking withstands the abuse of the weather elements to provide many years of quality appearance and trouble-free service. <<See more on ACQ>>

WALLS: The walls of the log cabins are made of Glu-Laminated logs that were chosen for their excellent durability and lasting beauty. << See more on the Glu-Laminated log.>>

WINDOWS: Conestoga features insulated Low "E " vinyl windows in our log cabins kits. <<See more on windows.>>

ROOFING: Metal roofing provides a durable roofing solution and with numerous colors to choose from it provides an attractive complement to a cabin. See details on metal roofing.

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