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Log Cabin Budget

As you plan for the purchase and assembly of a log structure, establish a project plan and budget by using the list of considerations below as a guide:

Log Cabin Budget

Is the building site or loading area accessible to semi trailers?

Log Cabin Budget Do you have a fork lift or other means to unload the kit(s)?
Log Cabin Budget What type of foundation will be used?

Cinder Block - Cabin skids rest on minimum 4"x4" cinder blocks
Pier - 6" x 6" piers anchored into the ground
offered by Conestoga (pdf)
Poured/Block Basement - Used when a full basement or crawl space is desired
Concrete Pad - Cabin skids rest on the concrete pad

Log Cabin Budget Who will you have contract the foundation? Conestoga does not contract foundation work. See more...
Log Cabin Budget Who will assemble the log structure(s)? (Conestoga construction teams are available) See more...
Log Cabin Budget Who will stain the log structure(s)? (Typically a Conestoga construction team contract does not include the labor to apply stains and protectants to the structure(s).
Log Cabin Budget What kind of heating system will you use - wood stove, coal stove, electric heat, oil hot water, oil forced air, gas?
Log Cabin Budget Do you have an electrical power supply to the site?
Log Cabin Budget

For log structures with plumbing, what type of septic system will be used?

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